Natural Resource Management

DDS’s commitment to natural resource management goes hand in hand with our dedication to sustainability and acknowledging the invaluable role of women. We empower communities to actively participate in preserving and restoring their environments, paving the way for a resilient and ecologically conscious future.


Community Plantations – 1990:
DDS women’s sanghams have made remarkable strides in regenerating common lands. Over 2000 acres of land have been revitalized through their efforts, resulting in the growth of more than two million trees and the establishment of neighborhood forests. With secured government tree rights, these plantations provide essential resources such as fodder, fruits, fuelwood, and small timber. Moreover, the sanghams’ expertise in nursery raising, tree planting, and grafting has further strengthened their role as stewards of the environment.


Dalit Watersheds – 1995
The Dalit Watersheds initiative by DDS transformed degraded ridge lands into productive ecological assets. Through this vision, women and local communities were empowered to actively participate in the design and management of upland watersheds. This approach not only promoted ecological sustainability but also enhanced biodiversity, fostering a harmonious relationship between communities and their natural surroundings.

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