Health Care

DDS has been dedicated to democratizing healthcare and prioritizing local healing traditions as part of its mission. The society has been involved in extension documentation of indigenous healthcare knowledge with locally available plants and trees, and has programs in practice for community health workers.

Community Health Workers – Darvazalo Davakhana:
By leveraging grassroots health workers, plant medicines, and local knowledge, DDS serves its communities with the motto “Darvazalo Davakhana” or “Hospital at the Doorsteps.” This approach not only preserves traditional healing practices but also saves significant amounts of money for the community. These village level health workers meet every quarter for a workshop on seasonal precautions, epidemics and thematic discussions.


Health Jathras – 1992:
DDS utilized the concept of health jathras, inspired by local village fairs, as a means to convey their message of “Our Health, Ourselves.” These jathras served as platforms for women from various villages to come together, share their folk wisdom and knowledge, and engage in discussions. Through innovative communication tools such as posters, video films, songs, and exhibits, DDS effectively disseminated health-related information. Starting from four centers, these jathras later became mobile, reaching more than 50 villages.

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